1st time - G Slip - 2nd time - Will there be any query regd prev G slip?

First time, my H1B petition got approved on 17/12/2011 and I went for the stamping on May 18 2012 . Got a Green slip - 221g from the chennai consulate asking me to file the Documents to USCIS. Filed the Documents on 13 Sep 2012 but still no response for the same.

In the Meanwhile I have moved to a new company and they have filed for my H1B for the Cap 2013 and petition got Approved. Now that I am going for stamping the second time, will there be any question regarding the first visit of stamping and will there be any question regarding the green slip I received?


Thanks for clarification.

Every individual case is considered as a different one. They are not bothered about previous petition. Only present employer, related docs, job and all matters