19 years olde petition

Hello all,
My H1-B visa was processed in 2001. and it was valid till April 2003. I arrived in US in 2001 April and came back to India in December 2001 due to personal reasons.
One prospective employer said that this unused period can be used. so going through lottery processing is not required.
Can this almost 20 years old petition be used? or lottery processing is mandatory?

Unused period of H1B can be reclaimed by filing cap-exempt petition, no need to lottery.

Thanks a lot Kalpesh.
Is this new amendment in current rules/law? I was told earlier that new application, no matter what should go through lottery. and older petition can be used only for period of 6 years. Post that period, candidate has to apply through lottery.

Excerpts from the federal register.


DHS has amended the regulatory text at 8 CFR 214.2(h)(13)(iii)(C) to more clearly provide that remaining H-1B time may be recaptured at any time before the foreign worker uses the full period of H-1B admission