15 yrs of full time education + 4 yrs of part time education + 7 yrs of experience.can eligible for h1b

I have completed 10 yrs of schooling + 2 yrs of jr. College + 3 yrs of polytechnic diploma in electronics + 4 yrs bachelor of engineering (part time) from Mumbai university + 6 months post graduate diploma in VLSI (full time) + 7 yrs of experience.

So overall 15 and half years of full-time education + 4 yrs of part time education + 7 yrs of experience.

Can I be eligible for h1b.

You have mentioned 4 years of part time engineering (bachelors) from Mumbai University. What is duration of program when it is full time?

I have done polytechnic diploma in electronics. So after that if you go for full-time engineering then it will be three yrs as you will get admission directly to second year.
But since it was part time it was four yrs.

And it is from sardar patel college of engineering,mumbai university.

It is 2nd best college in Mumbai university and it’s a government college.
This course was started by government so that those who doesn’t get chance to do full time can complete their higher education.

You are eligible. The Mumbai University engineering degree must be evaluated by a US credential evaluator such as WES. They will verify equivalency to US 4 year program.

Thanks Shankar.
Actually I was trying to send my documents to WES for evaluation but they want the documents to be send to them by institute who awarded the degree or they want documents attested by authority from institute.also they want all the documents in sealed envelop n all.
Since I am in Bangalore and all my education happen in Mumbai it’s bit difficult for me to go there and do this kind of formalities.
So I was trying to do education evaluation from some education evaluation firm from us.

I m in touch with one or two firms like silvergate evaluation Inc.

Can you please suggest any other evaluation firm and how much effective their evaluations and wether USCIS consider those. Or they want evaluation from WES only.

If possible can you share your contact no. So that I can discuss few things.

Thanks for your help.
Actually my company is filling h1b for me from last three years but I am not getting picked in lottery. I thought my education is issue so i am doing this education evaluation.