14 calender days gone for Premium Processing H1b


I have applied for regular processing H1b for this year which resulted in RFE. I have responded to RFE within the time and after that converted my regular processing petition into premium ( CAPGAP OPT was about to expire, need H1b decision before 30th SEP).

I received a mail on 12 SEP saying my clock has been started (status changed to initial review) followed by another mail on 13 SEP saying your status has changed. When I checked the status it was changed to Accepatance.

Till today my status is still in Accepatance with following message. 

"On September 13, 2013, we received this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER and we e-mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case........... "

If I counts calender days from 12th SEP when first email was received today is 15th calender day.

If I counts calender days from 13th SEP when status change to accepatance today is 14th Calender day.

Still waiting for my h1b decision. 

Is this something that is normal with USCIS when they don't give answer till last day?


Please share your thoughts if anyone has idea on this.

Thanks a lot in advance for your time.

One more question:

If I want to join any other college in case of worst situation, Do I need to transfer my SEVIS to new college before 30th SEP ( day when my CAPGAP OPT expires) ? Or I will have 60 days to enroll for another course and transfer my SEVIS?

Anyone, please share your experience or suggestion regarding above situation. Still (29th Sep) I didn’t get any update regarding this and have no idea where I am heading to.